Phylogeography and taxonomy of White-chinned and Spectacled Petrels.

  title={Phylogeography and taxonomy of White-chinned and Spectacled Petrels.},
  author={N M S Mareile Techow and Peter G. Ryan and Colleen O'Ryan},
  journal={Molecular phylogenetics and evolution},
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The genus Procellaria traditionally consists of four species, two restricted to New Zealand and two widespread in the Southern Ocean. All four are threatened because of incidental mortality on longlines and other fishing gear. The White-chinned Petrel P. aequinoctialis is the seabird killed in largest numbers by fisheries in the Southern Ocean. A spectacled form recently has been elevated to species status, Spectacled Petrel P. conspicillata, based on differences in morphometrics, vocalisations… CONTINUE READING