Phylogeography and Origin of Sheep Breeds in Northern China

  title={Phylogeography and Origin of Sheep Breeds in Northern China},
  author={Yue-hui Ma and Shao-Qi Rao and Shen-Jin Lu and Guanyu Hou and Wei-jun Guan and Hong-bin Li and Xia Chong Li and Q Zhao and Jishun Guo},
  journal={Conservation Genetics},
With the establishment of modern sheep production systems in China, various forms of hybridization with Western breeds and between native breeds have been utilized for genetic improvement. At the same time, the progressive destruction or deterioration of sheep habitat has accompanied urbanization in China. Together these factors have accelerated the loss of genetic diversity, or even resulted in the extinction of some indigenous breeds. It is therefore important that efficient strategies for… CONTINUE READING