Phylogeographic structure and evolutionary history of Sindbis virus.

  title={Phylogeographic structure and evolutionary history of Sindbis virus.},
  author={Jan O. Lundstr{\"o}m and Martin Pfeffer},
  journal={Vector borne and zoonotic diseases},
  volume={10 9},
Sindbis (SIN) virus, Alphavirus, is a mosquito-borne and bird-associated virus with large geographic distribution in the Old World. We investigated the genetic diversity of 59 SIN strains after limited sequencing of their E2 glycoprotein genes. The SIN strains showed maximal diversity of 22.2% at the amino acid (aa) level, and formed five tentative genotypes. The SIN-I genotype included strains from Europe and Africa. Strains from Australia and East Asia formed SIN-II and SIN-III with about 12… CONTINUE READING


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