Phylogeny of the orb-web building spiders ( Araneae , Orbiculariae : Deinopoidea , Araneoidea )

  title={Phylogeny of the orb-web building spiders ( Araneae , Orbiculariae : Deinopoidea , Araneoidea )},
  author={Charles E. Griswold and Jonathan A. Coddington and Gustavo Hormiga and Nikolaj Scharff},
This phylogenetic analysis of 31 exemplar taxa treats the 12 families of Araneoidea (Anapidae, Araneidae, Cyatholipidae, Linyphiidae, Mysmenidae, Nesticidae, Pimoidae, Symphytognathidae, Synotaxidae, Tetragnathidae, Theridiidae, and Theridiosomatidae). The data set comprises 93 characters: 23 from male genitalia, 3 from female genitalia, 18 from cephalothorax morphology, 6 from abdomen morphology, 14 from limb morphology, 15 from the spinnerets, and 14 from web architecture and other behaviour… CONTINUE READING
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