Phylogeny of the Whipple's-disease-associated bacterium.

  title={Phylogeny of the Whipple's-disease-associated bacterium.},
  author={Kenneth H. Wilson and R B Blitchington and Richard Frothingham and Janet A Wilson},
  volume={338 8765},
Efforts to culture and identify the intracellular bacteria associated with Whipple's disease have been unsuccessful. Nucleotide sequencing and amplification by the polymerase chain reaction was done on the bacterial 16 S ribosomal DNA present in a small-bowel biopsy specimen taken from a patient with Whipple's disease. A search by computer for similar rRNA sequences filed in databases showed the Whipple's-associated organism to be most similar to bacteria of the Rhodococcus, Streptomyces, and… CONTINUE READING
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