Phylogeny of seed plants based on evidence from eight genes.

  title={Phylogeny of seed plants based on evidence from eight genes.},
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  • D. Soltis, P. Soltis, Michael J. Zanis
  • Published 2002
  • Medicine, Biology
  • American journal of botany
  • Relationships among the five groups of extant seed plants (cycads, Ginkgo, conifers, Gnetales, and angiosperms) remain uncertain. To explore relationships among groups of extant seed plants further and to attempt to explain the conflict among molecular data sets, we assembled a data set of four plastid (cpDNA) genes (rbcL, atpB, psaA, and psbB), three mitochondrial (mtDNA) genes (mtSSU, coxI, and atpA), and one nuclear gene (18S rDNA) for 19 exemplars representing the five groups of living seed… CONTINUE READING
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