Phylogeny of raspberry beetles and other Byturidae (Coleoptera).

  title={Phylogeny of raspberry beetles and other Byturidae (Coleoptera).},
  author={Gaynor L Malloch and Brian Fenton and Michael A. Goodrich},
  journal={Insect molecular biology},
  volume={10 3},
Nuclear ribosomal ITS2 and mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase DNA sequences were analysed from the Byturidae (Coleoptera), which includes the raspberry beetles. The secondary structure of ITS2 was plotted and interspecific changes analysed. Evidence for selection on simple sequence repeats within the ITS2 was found. Phylogenetic trees based on the mitochondrial and ribosomal sequences were compared. They were in parity, indicating they reflect the true evolutionary histories of these insects… CONTINUE READING