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Phylogeny of Geophagine cichlids from South America (Perciformes: Labroidei)

  title={Phylogeny of Geophagine cichlids from South America (Perciformes: Labroidei)},
  author={Lopez Fernandez Hernan},
Phylogeny of Geophagine Cichlids from South America (Perciformes: Labroidei). (August 2004) Hernán López Fernández, B.S., Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela Co-Chairs of Advisory Committee: Dr. Kirk O. Winemiller Dr. Rodney L. Honeycutt Three new species of cichlid fishes of the genus Geophagus, part of the Neotropical subfamily Geophaginae, are described from the Orinoco and Casiquiare drainages in Venezuela. Phylogenetic relationships among 16 genera and 30 species of Geophaginae are… 



A review of Venezuelan species of Hypophthalmus (Siluriformes: Pimelodidae)

To date, only one (H. edentatus) of the three currently recognized species of the planktivorous catfishes of the genus Hypophthalmus has been identified in surveys from Venezuela and the Rio Orinoco

Morphological variation in Acestrorhynchus microlepis and A. falcatus (Characiformes: Acestrorhynchidae), reassessment of A. apurensis and distribution of Acestrorhynchus in Venezuela

An analysis of morphological variation in Acestrorhynchus microlepis over most of its distribution in South America and A. falcatus from northern drainages of the continent reveals broad variation, yet overlapping values among characters prevented us from identifying additional species among major drainage basins.