Phylogeny and life histories of the ‘Insectivora’: controversies and consequences

  title={Phylogeny and life histories of the ‘Insectivora’: controversies and consequences},
  author={M. Symonds},
  journal={Biological Reviews},
  • M. Symonds
  • Published 2005
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Biological Reviews
  • The evolutionary relationships of the eutherian order Insectivora (Lipotyphla sensu stricto) are the subject of considerable debate. The difficulties in establishing insectivore phylogeny stem from their lack of many shared derived characteristics. The grouping is therefore something of a‘wastebasket’taxon. Most of the older estimates of phylogeny, based on morphological evidence, assumed insectivore monophyly. More recently, molecular phylogenies argue strongly against monophyly, although they… CONTINUE READING
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