Phylogeny and Molecular Evolution of the Green Algae

  title={Phylogeny and Molecular Evolution of the Green Algae},
  author={F. Leliaert and D. Smith and H. Moreau and M. Herron and Heroen Verbruggen and C. Delwiche and O. De Clerck},
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  • F. Leliaert, D. Smith, +4 authors O. De Clerck
  • Published 2012
  • Biology
  • Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences
  • The green lineage (Viridiplantae) comprises the green algae and their descendants the land plants, and is one of the major groups of oxygenic photosynthetic eukaryotes. Current hypotheses posit the early divergence of two discrete clades from an ancestral green flagellate. One clade, the Chlorophyta, comprises the early diverging prasinophytes, which gave rise to the core chlorophytes. The other clade, the Streptophyta, includes the charophyte green algae from which the land plants evolved… CONTINUE READING
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