Phylogenomics resolves the timing and pattern of insect evolution

  title={Phylogenomics resolves the timing and pattern of insect evolution},
  author={B. Misof and Shanlin Liu and K. Meusemann and R. S. Peters and Alexander Donath and C. Mayer and Paul B. Frandsen and J. Ware and T. Flouri and R. Beutel and O. Niehuis and M. Petersen and F. Izquierdo-Carrasco and T. Wappler and J. Rust and Andre J. Aberer and U. Asp{\"o}ck and H. Asp{\"o}ck and Daniela Bartel and A. Blanke and S. Berger and A. Boehm and T. Buckley and Brett Calcott and Jun-Qing Chen and F. Friedrich and Makiko Fukui and Mari Fujita and Carola Greve and P. Grobe and Shengchang Gu and Y. Huang and L. Jermiin and A. Kawahara and L. Krogmann and M. Kubiak and Robert Lanfear and H. Letsch and Y. Li and Z. Li and J. Li and H. Lu and Ryuichiro Machida and Y. Mashimo and Pashalia Kapli and D. McKenna and G. Meng and Yasutaka Nakagaki and J. L. Navarrete-Heredia and M. Ott and Yanxiang Ou and G. Pass and L. Podsiadlowski and H. Pohl and B. V. von Reumont and K. Schuette and Kaoru Sekiya and Shota Shimizu and A. Ślipiński and A. Stamatakis and Wenhui Song and X. Su and N. Szucsich and Meihua Tan and Xuemei Tan and M. Tang and J. Tang and Gerald Timelthaler and Shigekazu Tomizuka and Michelle D. Trautwein and Xiao-li Tong and Toshiki Uchifune and Manfred G. Walzl and B. Wiegmann and J. Wilbrandt and B. Wipfler and Thomas K. F. Wong and Q. Wu and Gengxiong Wu and Y. Xie and Shenzhou Yang and Q. Yang and D. Yeates and K. Yoshizawa and Qing Zhang and Rui Zhang and Wenwei Zhang and Y. Zhang and J. Zhao and C. Zhou and Lili Zhou and Tanja Ziesmann and S. Zou and X. Xu and H. Yang and Jian Wang and J. Wang and K. Kjer and X. Zhou},
  pages={763 - 767}
  • B. Misof, Shanlin Liu, +98 authors X. Zhou
  • Published 2014
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • Insects are the most speciose group of animals, but the phylogenetic relationships of many major lineages remain unresolved. [...] Key Result Phylogenomic analyses of nucleotide and amino acid sequences, with site-specific nucleotide or domain-specific amino acid substitution models, produced statistically robust and congruent results resolving previously controversial phylogenetic relations hips.Expand Abstract
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