Phylogenomics of type II DNA topoisomerases.

  title={Phylogenomics of type II DNA topoisomerases.},
  author={Daniele Gadelle and Jonathan Fil{\'e}e and Cyril Buhler and Patrick Forterre},
  journal={BioEssays : news and reviews in molecular, cellular and developmental biology},
  volume={25 3},
Type II DNA topoisomerases (Topo II) are essential enzymes implicated in key nuclear processes. The recent discovery of a novel kind of Topo II (DNA topoisomerase VI) in Archaea led to a division of these enzymes into two non-homologous families, (Topo IIA and Topo IIB) and to the identification of the eukaryotic protein that initiates meiotic recombination, Spo11. In the present report, we have updated the distribution of all Topo II in the three domains of life by a phylogenomic approach… CONTINUE READING

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