Phylogenetische Beziehungen in der GrünalgengattungAcrosiphonia


Plasmogamic parthenogenesis and facultative caryogamy have been introduced as new definitions into literature on algal development byJónsson (1964a, b). In his studies on life cycles ofAcrosiphonia incurva andA. spinescens, he expresses the opinion that mating of gametes must not necessarily be followed by fusion of their nuclei. Only true zygotes give rise… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF01609063


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@article{Kornmann2005PhylogenetischeBI, title={Phylogenetische Beziehungen in der Gr{\"{u}nalgengattungAcrosiphonia}, author={Peter Kornmann}, journal={Helgol{\"a}nder wissenschaftliche Meeresuntersuchungen}, year={2005}, volume={21}, pages={292-304} }