Phylogenetics and the correlates of mammalian sleep: a reappraisal.

  title={Phylogenetics and the correlates of mammalian sleep: a reappraisal.},
  author={John A Lesku and Timothy C Roth and Niels C Rattenborg and Charles J. Amlaner and Steven L. Lima},
  journal={Sleep medicine reviews},
  volume={12 3},
The correlates of mammalian sleep have been investigated previously in at least eight comparative studies in an effort to illuminate the functions of sleep. However, all of these univariate analyses treated each species, or taxonomic Family, as a statistically independent unit, which is invalid due to the phylogenetic relationships among species. Here, we reassess these influential correlates of mammalian sleep using the formal phylogenetic framework of independent contrasts. After controlling… CONTINUE READING