Phylogenetic significance of the pseudoparaphyses in Loculoascomycete taxonomy.

  title={Phylogenetic significance of the pseudoparaphyses in Loculoascomycete taxonomy.},
  author={Edward C. Y. Liew and Andr{\'e} Aptroot and Kevin D. Hyde},
  journal={Molecular phylogenetics and evolution},
  volume={16 3},
The ontogeny of the ascostroma, in particular the centrum structures, has always been regarded as an important criterion in the subdivision of the Loculoascomycetideae (ascomycetous fungi). However, the use of pseudoparaphysis type, cellular or trabeculate, to classify taxa at the ordinal level has been contentious due to the lack of information about their evolution. To determine the phylogenetic significance of the pseudoparaphysis and its variants, DNA sequences of the 18S nuclear rRNA genes… CONTINUE READING
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