Phylogenetic relationships of the durians (Bombacaceae-Durioneae or /Malvaceae/Helicteroideae/Durioneae) based on chloroplast and nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences

  title={Phylogenetic relationships of the durians (Bombacaceae-Durioneae or /Malvaceae/Helicteroideae/Durioneae) based on chloroplast and nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences},
  author={R. Nyffeler and D. Baum},
  journal={Plant Systematics and Evolution},
  • R. Nyffeler, D. Baum
  • Published 2004
  • Biology
  • Plant Systematics and Evolution
  • The circumscription and phylogenetic position of the tribe Durioneae (Bombacaceae or /Malvaceae/Helicteroideae) was investigated by supplementing a previously publishedndhF data set. The present analysis supports a narrow conception of Durioneae (excludingCamptostemon andPapuodendron) and confirms a close relationship withHelicteres, Reevesia, Ungeria, andTriplochiton (all of traditional Sterculiaceae). Phylogenetic relationships within Durioneae were inferred from a combined analysis ofndhF… CONTINUE READING
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