Phylogenetic relationships of Rhododendroideae (Ericaceae).

  title={Phylogenetic relationships of Rhododendroideae (Ericaceae).},
  author={Kathleen A. Kron},
  journal={American journal of botany},
  volume={84 7},
The Rhododendroideae are usually recognized as a subfamily within Ericaceae. This group has been considered primitive (i.e., occupying the ancestral or basal position relative to all other Ericaceae) due to the occurrence of separate petals in several taxa, deciduous corollas, and septicidally dehiscent capsules. Previous molecular studies using rbcL and nr18s sequences have indicated that Rhododendroideae may be paraphyletic and cladistically derived (i.e., the relative position in the… CONTINUE READING

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