Phylogenetic relationships of European Phlegmacium species (Cortinarius, Agaricales).

  title={Phylogenetic relationships of European Phlegmacium species (Cortinarius, Agaricales).},
  author={Sigisfredo Garnica and Michael Weiss and Bernhard Oertel and Franz Oberwinkler},
  volume={95 6},
Phylogenetic relationships of 54 European Phlegmacium species, including members of most of the sections of classical systematics, were studied, integrating macro-, micromorphological and chemical characters of the basidiomes, as well as molecular phylogenetic analysis of nuclear rDNA sequences. Microscopical structures of the basidiomes were studied by light microscopy. Basidiospore morphology was examined by scanning electron microscopy. Internal-transcribed spacers (ITS 1 and 2, including… CONTINUE READING
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