Phylogenetic relationships in the genus Florestina (Asteraceae, Bahieae)

  title={Phylogenetic relationships in the genus Florestina (Asteraceae, Bahieae)},
  author={Fabiola Soto-Trejo and Edward E. Schilling and Sof{\'i}a Flores Sol{\'o}rzano and Ken Oyama and Rafael Lira and Patricia D{\'a}vila},
  journal={Plant Systematics and Evolution},
Florestina is shown to consist of six annual species occurring mostly in arid and semiarid regions of Mexico. Florestina species are morphologically similar and consequently phylogenetic relationships within the genus are poorly understood. We present a phylogenetic study based on morphological characters, DNA sequences of nuclear non-coding spacers (ETS and ITS) and chloroplast non-coding spacers (rpl32-trnL and trnC-petN). The ETS and ITS spacer-based phylogenies allowed several well… CONTINUE READING