Phylogenetic relationships among prokaryotic and eukaryotic catalases.

  title={Phylogenetic relationships among prokaryotic and eukaryotic catalases.},
  author={Martin G{\"u}nter Klotz and Glen R. Klassen and Peter C Loewen},
  journal={Molecular biology and evolution},
  volume={14 9},
Seventy-four catalase protein sequences, including 29 bacterial, 8 fungal, 7 animal, and 30 plant sequences, were compiled, and 70 were used for phylogenetic reconstruction. The core of the resulting tree revealed unique, separate groups of plant and animal catalases, two groups of fungal catalases, and three groups of bacterial catalases. The only overlap of kingdoms occurred within one branch and involved fungal and bacterial large-subunit enzymes. The other fungal branch was closely linked… CONTINUE READING