Phylogenetic relationships among eukaryotic kingdoms inferred from ribosomal RNA sequences

  title={Phylogenetic relationships among eukaryotic kingdoms inferred from ribosomal RNA sequences},
  author={Masami Hasegawa and Y. Iida and Taka-aki Yano and F. Takaiwa and Masaki Iwabuchi},
  journal={Journal of Molecular Evolution},
Phylogenetic trees among eukaryotic kingdoms were inferred for large- and small-subunit rRNAs by using a maximum-likelihood method developed by Felsenstein. Although Felsenstein's method assumes equal evolutionary rates for transitions and transversions, this is apparently not the case for these data. Therefore, only transversiontype substitutions were taken into account. The molecules used were large-subunit rRNAs fromXenopus laevis (Animalia), rice (Plantae),Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Fungi… CONTINUE READING


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