Phylogenetic placement of the enigmatic parasite, Polypodium hydriforme, within the Phylum Cnidaria

  title={Phylogenetic placement of the enigmatic parasite, Polypodium hydriforme, within the Phylum Cnidaria},
  author={N. M. Evans and Alberto Lindner and E. Raikova and A. Collins and P. Cartwright},
  journal={BMC Evolutionary Biology},
  pages={139 - 139}
  • N. M. Evans, Alberto Lindner, +2 authors P. Cartwright
  • Published 2007
  • Biology, Medicine
  • BMC Evolutionary Biology
  • BackgroundPolypodium hydriforme is a parasite with an unusual life cycle and peculiar morphology, both of which have made its systematic position uncertain. Polypodium has traditionally been considered a cnidarian because it possesses nematocysts, the stinging structures characteristic of this phylum. However, recent molecular phylogenetic studies using 18S rDNA sequence data have challenged this interpretation, and have shown that Polypodium is a close relative to myxozoans and together they… CONTINUE READING
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