Phylogenetic pattern and the quantification of organismal biodiversity.

  title={Phylogenetic pattern and the quantification of organismal biodiversity.},
  author={Daniel P. Faith},
  journal={Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences},
  volume={345 1311},
  • Daniel P. Faith
  • Published 1994 in
    Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society…
Biodiversity can be explored at a number of different levels and in principle may be separately quantified at each. Phylogenetic pattern has the potential to quantify and estimate biodiversity at the finest scale, that is, variation among species in features or attributes. This scale is an important one for conservation, as it should form the basis for prioritizing conservation efforts at the species level. Further, recent published objections to differentially weighting species are answered by… CONTINUE READING

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