Phylogenetic evidence of a rapid radiation of pleurocarpous mosses (Bryophyta).

  title={Phylogenetic evidence of a rapid radiation of pleurocarpous mosses (Bryophyta).},
  author={A. Jonathan Shaw and Cymon J. Cox and Bernard Goffinet and William R. Buck and Sandra B Boles},
  journal={Evolution; international journal of organic evolution},
  volume={57 10},
Pleurocarpous mosses, characterized by lateral female gametangia and highly branched, interwoven stems, comprise three orders and some 5000 species, or almost half of all moss diversity. Recent phylogenetic analyses resolve the Ptychomniales as sister to the Hypnales plus Hookeriales. Species richness is highly asymmetric with approximately 100 Ptychomniales, 750 Hookeriales, and 4400 Hypnales. Chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) sequences were obtained to compare partitioning of molecular diversity among… CONTINUE READING
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