Phylogenetic diversification of immunoglobulin genes and the antibody repertoire.

  title={Phylogenetic diversification of immunoglobulin genes and the antibody repertoire.},
  author={Gary W. Litman and Jonathan P. Rast and Michael J. Shamblott and Robert N. Haire and M. P. M. van der Hulst and W Roess and Ronda T. Litman and K R Hinds-Frey and A Zilch and Chris T Amemiya},
  journal={Molecular biology and evolution},
  volume={10 1},
Immunoglobulins are encoded by a large multigene system that undergoes somatic rearrangement and additional genetic change during the development of immunoglobulin-producing cells. Inducible antibody and antibody-like responses are found in all vertebrates. However, immunoglobulin possessing disulfide-bonded heavy and light chains and domain-type organization has been described only in representatives of the jawed vertebrates. High degrees of nucleotide and predicted amino acid sequence… CONTINUE READING


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