Phylogenetic ctDNA analysis depicts early stage lung cancer evolution

  title={Phylogenetic ctDNA analysis depicts early stage lung cancer evolution},
  author={Christopher Abbosh and Nicolai J. Birkbak and Gareth A. Wilson and Mariam Jamal-Hanjani and Tudor P Constantin and Raheleh Salari and John Le Quesne and David A. Moore and Selvaraju Veeriah and Rachel Rosenthal and Teresa Marafioti and Eser Kirkizlar and Thomas B. K. Watkins and Nicholas McGranahan and Sophia Ward and Luke Martinson and Joan Riley and Francesco Fraioli and Maise Al Bakir and Eva Gr{\"o}nroos and Francisco Zambrana and Raymondo Endozo and Wenya Linda Bi and Fiona M. Fennessy and Nicole Sponer and Diana H Johnson and Joanne Laycock and Seema Shafi and Justyna Czyzewska-Khan and Andrew Rowan and Tim Chambers and N. D. Matthews and Samra Turajlic and Crispin T. Hiley and Siow Ming Lee and Martin David Forster and Tanya Ahmad and Mary Falzon and Elaine Borg and David R Lawrence and Martin P. Hayward and Shyam K Kolvekar and Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos and Samuel M Janes and Ricky M. Thakrar and Asia Ahmed and Fiona Blackhall and Yvonne Jane Summers and Dina Hafez and Ashwini Naik and Apratim Ganguly and Stephanie Kareht and Rajesh D Shah and Leena Joseph and Anne Marie Quinn and Phil A Crosbie and Babu Naidu and Gary Middleton and Gerald Langman and Simon E. Trotter and Marianne C. Nicolson and Hardy Remmen and K. Kerr and Mahendran Chetty and Lesley Gomersall and D. A. Fennell and Apostolos Nakas and S Nataraja Rathinam and Girija Anand and Sajid Khan and Peter Russell and Veni Ezhil and Babikir Ismail and Melanie Irvin-sellers and Vineet Prakash and Jason Francis Lester and Malgorzata Kornaszewska and Richard Luther Attanoos and Haydn Adams and H. Davies and Dahmane Oukrif and Ayse U. Akarca and John A. Hartley and Helen L. Lowe and Sara Lock and Natasha Iles and Harriet Bell and Y. Leung Ngai and Greg Elgar and Zoltan Szallasi and Roland F. Schwarz and Javier Herrero and Aengus Stewart and Sergio A Quezada and Karl S. Peggs and Peter Van Loo and Caroline Dive and Jimmy Lin and Matthew Rabinowitz and Hugo J. W. L. Aerts and Allan Hackshaw and Jacqui A. Shaw and Bernhard G. Zimmermann and Charles Swanton},
The early detection of relapse following primary surgery for non-small-cell lung cancer and the characterization of emerging subclones, which seed metastatic sites, might offer new therapeutic approaches for limiting tumour recurrence. The ability to track the evolutionary dynamics of early-stage lung cancer non-invasively in circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) has not yet been demonstrated. Here we use a tumour-specific phylogenetic approach to profile the ctDNA of the first 100 TRACERx (Tracking… CONTINUE READING

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TRACERx – Tracking Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Evolution

  • M. Jamal-Hanjani
  • New England Journal of Medicine
  • 2017

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