Phylogenetic and functional signals in gymnosperm ovular secretions.

  title={Phylogenetic and functional signals in gymnosperm ovular secretions.},
  author={M Nepi and Stefan A. Little and Massimo Guarnieri and Daniele Nocentini and Natalie Prior and Julia E. Gill and P Barry Tomlinson and Stefanie M. Ickert-Bond and Cary Pirone and Ettore Pacini and Patrick von Aderkas},
  journal={Annals of botany},
  volume={120 6},
Background and Aims Gymnosperms are either wind-pollinated (anemophilous) or both wind- and insect-pollinated (ambophilous). Regardless of pollination mode, ovular secretions play a key role in pollen capture, germination and growth; they are likely also involved in pollinator reward. Little is known about the broad-scale diversity of ovular secretions across gymnosperms, and how these may relate to various reproductive functions. This study analyses the sugar and amino acid profiles of ovular… CONTINUE READING