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Phylogenetic analysis and character evolution of Ehretia and Bourreria (Ehretiaceae, Boraginales) and their allies based on {ITS1} sequences

  title={Phylogenetic analysis and character evolution of Ehretia and Bourreria (Ehretiaceae, Boraginales) and their allies based on \{ITS1\} sequences},
  author={Marc Gottschling and Hartmut H. Hilger},
Molecular evidence for the age, origin, and evolutionary history of the American desert plant genus Tiquilia (Boraginaceae).
The dating analysis suggests that the stem lineage of Tiquilia split from its nearest extant relative in the Paleocene or Eocene, followed by a relatively long period before the first divergence in the crown group near the Eocene/Oligocene boundary, shortly after the greatest Cenozoic episode of rapid aridification.
Molecular delimitations in the Ehretiaceae (Boraginales).
To clarify which monophyletic groups can be recognized within the Ehretiaceae, sequences from one nuclear (ITS) and three plastid loci were obtained and discussed with respect to fruit evolution.
Marbleseeds are gromwells--systematics and evolution of Lithospermum and allies (Boraginaceae tribe Lithospermeae) based on molecular and morphological data.
Lithospermum s.l. appears to have undergone a type of recent "island radiation" in the Americas, reflected in a morphological diversity far exceeding that found in the Old World.
Strong biogeographic signal in the phylogenetic relationships of Rochefortia Sw. (Ehretiaceae, Boraginales)
The monophyly of Rochefortia was confirmed, with a sister group relationship between an American mainland clade and a Caribbean clade, and the latter segregates into three, morphologically rather variable lineages.
A systematic analysis of Heliotropium, Tournefortia, and allied taxa of the Heliotropiaceae (Boraginales) based on ITS1 sequences and morphological data.
The relationships of Heliotropium, Tournefortia, Schleidenia, Ixorhea, and Ceballosia of the Heliottropiaceae are investigated using molecular data (ITS1) and the results suggest that taxonomic changes are inevitable.
Waking sleeping beauties: a molecular phylogeny and nomenclator of Halgania (Ehretiaceae, Boraginales)
A nomenclatural list of all validly published names of Halgania (at the species level and below) is compiled, providing information about herbarium deposition of original material and discuss the current use of the names.
Bourreria scabra (Boraginaceae), a new species from southern Madagascar
The new species Bourreria scabra is widespread in spiny dry forests in southern Madagascar, with occurrences in the Andohahela and Tsimanampetsotsa National Parks and the Beza Mahafaly Reserve and the IUCN Red List Criteria.
Generic Transfers in Malagasy Boraginales
This work states that 13 new combinations are required to accommodate the endemic Malagasy species in Bourreria, including one endemic that requires a new combination.
Palynotaxonomic studies on Boraginaceae in Saudi Arabia and its taxonomic significance
The present study assesses the taxonomic significance of pollen morphology and micro and macromorphological characters of the 21 Taxa representing 12 genera collected mainly from Saudi Arabia,
A new name for Ehretia ovalifolia Wight (Ehretiaceae: Boraginales)
Ehretia matthewii Kottaim. is proposed here as a replacement name for Ehretia ovalifolia Wight as it is a later homonym of Ehretia ovalifolia Hassk.