Phylogenetic Systematics

  title={Phylogenetic Systematics},
  author={Willi Hennig},
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Scorpion higher phylogeny and classification, taxonomic anarchy, and standards for peer review in online publishing

Pending the outcome of a rigorous phylogenetic analysis, published according to acceptable standards of scholarship in a peer‐reviewed journal, the suprageneric classification of Scorpiones is reinstated and all changes to the classification proposed by Soleglad, Fet and colleagues since 2001 are rejected.

Taxonomy and systematics: contributions to benthology and J-NABS

The role of J-NABS in the development of benthic taxonomy has been minimal in terms of number of publications, but as part of the nexus of taxomonic literature, all contributions have been important to the discipline.


By deriving the principles and methods of his approach from the tenet of common descent, Hennig granted the concept of evolution a position in taxonomy.

Society of Systematic Biologists Centers of Origin and Related Concepts Author ( s ) :

Croizat, L., G. Nelson, and D. E. Rosen (Department of Ichthyology, The American Museum of Natural History, New York, New York 10024) 1974. Centers of origin and related concepts. Syst. Zool.

Phylogeny and Speciation of Felids

The phylogeny of the Felidae is reconstructed using a total evidence approach combining sequences from 12S rRNA, 16S r RNA, NADH‐5, and cytochrome b genes with morphological and karyological characters, and it indicates that vicariant speciation has played a relatively minor role in the diversification of the felids.

Dispelling five myths about hypothesis testing in biological systematics

It is shown that none of the tests discussed by Assis are valid, and while it is straightforward to outline what is required to properly test phylogenetic hypotheses, the feasibility of accomplishing such tests is operationally impractical in most instances.

Othenio Abel (1875–1946) and “the phylogeny of the parts” 1

Othenio Abel highlighted Louis Dollo’s principle of the chevauchement des spécialisations (crossing of specializations), which transformed phylogenetics from a search for ancestor–descendant sequences to research into relative degrees of relationships.

Clovis Colonization of Eastern North America: A Phylogenetic Approach

The basic method of cladistics is laid out and it is shown how it has formed the basis for long-term studies of the colonization of eastern North America during the Early Paleoindian period (ca. 13,300–11,900 calendar years before the present).


  • G. Dyke
  • Biology
    Journal of Paleontology
  • 2002
A few areas of PN that make it an especially problematic proposal for paleontologists are highlighted.

Morphology and integrative phylogenetics

The current issue focuses on insect male genitalia, which represent one of the most widely used character systems in insect systematics, which allows unique insights in the evolution of characters in response to adaptations of species to different lifestyles.



Monophyletic Classification and Evolution

The data of classification, a symposium

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Flügelgeäder und System der Dipteren unter Berücksichtigung der aus dem Mesozoikum beschriebenen Fossilien.

Die Untersuchung des Flugelgeaders der wichtigsten Dipterenfamilien hat, unter Berucksichtigung anderer morphologischer Merkmale, zu Vorstellungen uber die phylogenetische Verwandtschaft dieser

Systematik und Stam­ mesgeschichte der Tiere 1954-1959

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Meinungsverschiedenheiten iiber das System der niederen Insketen

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Die Tetrigidae von Mada­ gaskar, mit einer Er6rterung ihrer zoogeographischen Beziehungen und ihrer phylogenetischen Ver­ wandtschaften

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