Phthalimidosulphenyl chloride. Part 2. Synthesis of unusual thiirane derivatives.

  title={Phthalimidosulphenyl chloride. Part 2. Synthesis of unusual thiirane derivatives.},
  author={Giuseppe Capozzi and Luciano Gori and Stefano Menichetti},
Abstract Vinylthio phthalimides 1 , synthesized by addition of phtalimidosulphenyl chloride to some alkynes, react with 2 equivalents of lithiumtriethylboron hydride to give vinylthio substituted thiiranes 3 with high degree of diasteroselectivity. The reaction of 1 with 1 equivalent of the same hydride affords divinyl disulphides 6 which resulted to be intermediates in the formation of thiiranes 3 since the reaction of 6 with 1 equivalent of lithiumtriethylboron hydride give the episulphides 3… CONTINUE READING

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