Phthalate exposure during cold plastisol application--a human biomonitoring study.

  title={Phthalate exposure during cold plastisol application--a human biomonitoring study.},
  author={Holger M Koch and Andreas Haller and Tobias Wei\ss and Heiko-Udo K{\"a}fferlein and Joachim Stork and Thomas Br{\"u}ning},
  journal={Toxicology letters},
  volume={213 1},
The phthalates DEHP (Diethylhexyl phthalate), DiNP (Diisononyl phthalate) and DiDP (Diisodecyl phthalate) are constituents of plastisols. We sought to obtain first data on occupational exposures to the above phthalates by analyzing their metabolites in pre- and post-shift urine samples from 5 workers in a car manufacturing plant engaged in seam sealing with a DINP based plastisol. Pre-shift samples were collected after a work-free period of at least 2 days. As a comparison group we investigated… CONTINUE READING


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