Photovoltaically powered modulating retroreflector optical data links

  title={Photovoltaically powered modulating retroreflector optical data links},
  author={R. J. Walters and J. Warner and G. P. Summers and G. Charmaine Gilbreath and J. L. Murphy and W. S. Rabinovich and S. Messenger and J. R. Lorentzen and D. M. Wilt and M. J. Krasowski and P. P. Jenkins and M. A. Smith},
  journal={Conference Record of the Thirty-first IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, 2005.},
The development of a photovoltaically (PV) powered, laser communication system that constitutes a miniature, highly energy-efficient wireless communication technology is described. The technology is based on the direct integration of a multi-quantum well (MQW) modulating retroreflector (MRR) optical communication node and a monolithically integrated module (MIM) PV power source. The MQW MRR optical data link exploits the shift in the MQW absorption peak under an applied reverse bias to modulate… CONTINUE READING