Photovoltaic retinal prosthesis: implant fabrication and performance.

  title={Photovoltaic retinal prosthesis: implant fabrication and performance.},
  author={Lele Wang and Keith Mathieson and T. I. Kamins and James D. Loudin and Ludwig Galambos and Georges Goetz and Alexander Sher and Yossi Mandel and Phil Huie and Daniel Lavinsky and James S. Harris and Daniel V. Palanker},
  journal={Journal of neural engineering},
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The objective of this work is to develop and test a photovoltaic retinal prosthesis for restoring sight to patients blinded by degenerative retinal diseases. A silicon photodiode array for subretinal stimulation has been fabricated by a silicon-integrated-circuit/MEMS process. Each pixel in the two-dimensional array contains three series-connected… CONTINUE READING