Photosynthetic decline and pigment loss during autumn foliar senescence in western larch (Larix occidentalis).

  title={Photosynthetic decline and pigment loss during autumn foliar senescence in western larch (Larix occidentalis).},
  author={S I Rosenthal and Edith L. Camm},
  journal={Tree physiology},
  volume={17 12},
We measured needle pigment content and photosynthetic rates of 1-year-old western larch (Larix occidentalis Nutt.) during autumn foliar senescence. Chlorophyll (Chl) and carotenoid (xanthophyll + b-carotene) contents of needles declined 11 and 17%, respectively, before CO(2) assimilation rate began to decline. Chlorophyll a/b ratio, Chl/carotenoid ratio, photochemical efficiency (F(v)/F(m)), and photochemical quenching did not begin to decline until late in senescence. Internal CO(2)/ambient CO… CONTINUE READING


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