Photosynthetic, respiratory and extracellular electron transport pathways in cyanobacteria.

  title={Photosynthetic, respiratory and extracellular electron transport pathways in cyanobacteria.},
  author={David J Lea-Smith and Paolo Bombelli and Ravendran Vasudevan and Christopher J. Howe},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1857 3},
Cyanobacteria have evolved elaborate electron transport pathways to carry out photosynthesis and respiration, and to dissipate excess energy in order to limit cellular damage. Our understanding of the complexity of these systems and their role in allowing cyanobacteria to cope with varying environmental conditions is rapidly improving, but many questions remain. We summarize current knowledge of cyanobacterial electron transport pathways, including the possible roles of alternative pathways in… CONTINUE READING

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