Photosynthesis in the Archean Era

  title={Photosynthesis in the Archean Era},
  author={J. M. Olson},
  journal={Photosynthesis Research},
  • J. M. Olson
  • Published 2006
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Photosynthesis Research
  • The earliest reductant for photosynthesis may have been H2. The carbon isotope composition measured in graphite from the 3.8-Ga Isua Supercrustal Belt in Greenland is attributed to H2-driven photosynthesis, rather than to oxygenic photosynthesis as there would have been no evolutionary pressure for oxygenic photosynthesis in the presence of H2. Anoxygenic photosynthesis may also be responsible for the filamentous mats found in the 3.4-Ga Buck Reef Chert in South Africa. Another early reductant… CONTINUE READING

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