Photosynthesis, chlorophyll integrity, and spectral reflectance in lichens exposed to air pollution.

  title={Photosynthesis, chlorophyll integrity, and spectral reflectance in lichens exposed to air pollution.},
  author={Jacob Garty and Orly Tamir and I Hassid and Amram Eshel and Yehudith Cohen and Arnon Karnieli and L. Orlovsky},
  journal={Journal of environmental quality},
  volume={30 3},
The major objective of the present study was to identify the relationship of physiologial parameters of the photosynthetic system with the elemental content of the lichen Ramalina lacera (With.) J.R. Laund. Thalli of R. lacera were collected in an unpolluted site and transplanted in a national park and an industrial region in Israel for 8 mo. Analyses of photosynthetic activity, chlorophyll integrity, spectral reflectance, and amount of 11 metals were performed after this period of exposure… CONTINUE READING


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