Photostimulation with caged neurotransmitters using fiber optic lightguides.

  title={Photostimulation with caged neurotransmitters using fiber optic lightguides.},
  author={Dwayne W. Godwin and Defu Che and Donald M. O'Malley and Q Zhou},
  journal={Journal of neuroscience methods},
  volume={73 1},
'Caged' neurotransmitters are molecules that are transformed to a neuroactive state by exposure to light of an appropriate wavelength and intensity. Use of these substances has centered on in vitro bath application and subsequent activation using light from lasers or flashlamps that is delivered into the preparation through microscope optics. We have tested a new and simpler method, using finely tapered fiberoptic lightguides, that promises to expand the use of caged compounds for in vitro and… CONTINUE READING
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