Photosensitized DNA damage: the case of fluoroquinolones.

  title={Photosensitized DNA damage: the case of fluoroquinolones.},
  author={Virginie Lhiaubet-Vallet and Francisco Bosc{\'a} and Miguel A Miranda},
  journal={Photochemistry and photobiology},
  volume={85 4},
This review focuses on DNA damage photosensitized by the fluoroquinolone (FQ) antibacterial drugs. The in vivo evidence for photocarcinogenesis mediated by FQs is presented in the introduction. The different methods employed for detection of DNA-photodamage mediated by FQs are then summarized, including gel electrophoresis (with whole cells, with isolated DNA and with oligonucleotides) and chromatographic analysis (especially HPLC with electrochemical and MS/MS detection). The chemical… CONTINUE READING

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