Photosensitivity with eosinophilia due to ambroxol and UVB.

  title={Photosensitivity with eosinophilia due to ambroxol and UVB.},
  author={Noriki Fujimoto and Kiichiro Danno and Makiko Wakabayashi and Toshiaki Uenishi and Toshihiro Tanaka},
  journal={Contact dermatitis},
  volume={60 2},
Ambroxol stimulates synthesis and secretion of surfactant by pneumocytes and inhibits sodium absorption by airway epithelial cells (1). Although ambroxol is widely used for respiratory diseases, photosensitivity due to ambroxol has not been reported in the English language literature. In general, the action spectrum of drug-induced photosensitivity is in the ultraviolet (UV)A range (2). We report a case of UVB photosensitivity due to oral ambroxol. 

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