Photosensitivity skin disorders in childhood.

  title={Photosensitivity skin disorders in childhood.},
  author={Irene Horkay and G. Emri and Vikt{\'o}ria Varga and Enikő Simics and {\'E} Remenyik},
  journal={Photodermatology, photoimmunology & photomedicine},
  volume={24 2},
Photosensitivity in childhood is caused by a diverse group of diseases. It usually indicates idiopathic photodermatoses, first of all polymorphic light eruption. It may be an early symptom of genetic disorders such as porphyria or very rare genophotodermatoses. Photosensitivity secondary to topical or systemic external agents as well as photoexacerbated dermatoses is not so frequent in childhood. Here we present our experience with childhood photosensitivity skin diseases collected over a 40… CONTINUE READING
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