[Photosensitivity induced by piroxicam].


In Portugal, piroxicam is one of the most prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs) and is frequently associated to photosensitivity skin reactions, well known by all dermatologists. The authors review the physiopathology and clinical patterns of this adverse drug reaction. Importance is given to the high prevalence of thimerosal sensitisation in our country, a marker of piroxicam photosensitivity. The authors propose that piroxicam prescription should be avoided in Portugal, as this drug can be substituted by any other NSAID, without marked photosensitivity.

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@article{Varela1998PhotosensitivityIB, title={[Photosensitivity induced by piroxicam].}, author={Paulo Varela and Isabel Maria Amorim and Matias Puga Sanches and Ant{\'o}nio Augusto Fernandes Massa and E Santos}, journal={Acta médica portuguesa}, year={1998}, volume={11 11}, pages={997-1001} }