Photoresist materials: a historical perspective

  title={Photoresist materials: a historical perspective},
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This paper provides a short history of the development of resist materials. We trace the development of resists from the very beginnings of photography in the early 1800s to today's efforts to develop 193 nm resist materials. 

Photoresists for microlithography

Characteristics of photoresists used in microlithography are highlighted. The microstructure of the matrix polymer used in these photoresists is critical for ensuring good lithographic performance

Influence of material and process parameters in the dry-development of positive-tone, polyaldehyde photoresist

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Spin coating and photolithography using liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide

We discuss a new dry lithographic process using only carbon dioxide (CO2) as a solvent. Novel CO2 soluble photoresists were synthesized based on random copolymers of

Nodal Photolithography: Lithography via Far-Field Optical Nodes in the Resist

In this thesis, I investigate one approach – stimulated emission depletion – to surmounting the diffraction limitation of optical lithography. This approach uses farfield optical nodes to orchestrate



Photoreactive Polymers: The Science and Technology of Resists

A brief history of resists negative photoresists aspects of photophysics and photochemistry in solid polymers photoinitiated polymerization positive resists based on diazonaphthoquinones the

A World History of Photography

Preface 9 1. THE EARLY YEARS: TECHNOLOGY, VISION, USERS 1839--1875 14 2. A PLENITUDE OF PORTRAITS 1839--1890 38 The Galerie Contemporaine--Appearance and Character in 19th-Century Portraiture 84 3.

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