Photoregulation of the albino-3 gene in Neurospora crassa.


In this paper we describe the light-regulated expression of albino-3 (al-3), a carotenoid biosynthetic gene of Neurospora crassa, in the wild-type strain. Our results suggest that the al-3 gene expression is regulated by the transcriptional activation of the gene and the low stability of its mRNA. The activation of the al-3 gene does not require protein synthesis to occur. The kinetic analysis of the al-3 mRNA reveals that the gene is transiently expressed even in continuous light, suggesting the presence of an adaptative process.


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@article{Baima1991PhotoregulationOT, title={Photoregulation of the albino-3 gene in Neurospora crassa.}, author={Simona Baima and Giuseppe Macino and Giorgio Morelli}, journal={Journal of photochemistry and photobiology. B, Biology}, year={1991}, volume={11 2}, pages={107-15} }