Photoreduction of Carbonic Acid, Bicarbonates, and Carbonates to Formaldehyde.

  title={Photoreduction of Carbonic Acid, Bicarbonates, and Carbonates to Formaldehyde.},
  author={Nil Ratan Dhar and Atma Ram},
IN these laboratories we have been carrying on experiments on photosynthesis in tropical sunlight for a number of years.1 We have been able to obtain formaldehyde by the exposure of solutions of carbonic acid and bicarbonates to tropical sunlight in presence of various inorganic and organic photocatalysts. 

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SINCE 1864, when Baeyer stated his formaldehyde hypothesis, numerous attempts have been made to obtain formaldehyde in vitro from carbon dioxide and water on exposure to light. Usher and Priestley,1

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