Photoreceptors : physiology, types, and abnormalities

  title={Photoreceptors : physiology, types, and abnormalities},
  author={Eiji Akutagawa and Kazuo Ozaki},
Preface Pigment Mixtures & Other Determinants of Spectral Sensitivity of Vertebrate Retinal Photoreceptors Foveal Microstructure Observed by Optical Coherence Tomography The Caudal Photoreceptor in the Crayfish: An Overview Regulation of Gap Junctional Coupling in Photoreceptors Quantum Catches & Photoreceptors Functional Changes of Red/Far-Red Light Photoreceptor Phytochrome A with Loss of Photosynthesis in Parasitic Plants Molecular Basis of Signal Transduction of High Intensity Light via… CONTINUE READING

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