Photoreactivation of E. coli depending on light intensity after UV irradiation.

  title={Photoreactivation of E. coli depending on light intensity after UV irradiation.},
  author={Dirk Schoenen and A Kolch},
  journal={Zentralblatt fur Hygiene und Umweltmedizin = International journal of hygiene and environmental medicine},
  volume={192 6},
Interest in the disinfection of drinking water by UV rays has been growing in recent years. Since the beginning of the 40's it has been known that, by means of certain repair mechanism, microorganisms are able to restore lesions on DNA. These processes are more or less clarified. However there is no secure knowledge about the degree of possible repair. Photoreactivation induced by light of 350-600 nm is one of these repair mechanisms. Thus the effect of light exposure on disinfection results… CONTINUE READING