Photophysics of charge-transfer excitons in thin films of $\pi$-conjugated polymers

  title={Photophysics of charge-transfer excitons in thin films of \$\pi\$-conjugated polymers},
  author={Zhendong Wang and Sumit Mazumdar and Alok Shukla},
  • Zhendong Wang, Sumit Mazumdar, Alok Shukla
  • Published 2008
  • Materials Science, Physics
  • We develop a theory of the electronic structure and photophysics of interacting chains of $\ensuremath{\pi}$-conjugated polymers to understand the differences between solutions and films. While photoexcitation generates only the intrachain exciton in solutions, the optical exciton as well as weakly allowed charge-transfer excitons are generated in films. We extend existing theories of the lowest polaron pair and charge-transfer excitons to obtain descriptions of the excited states of these… CONTINUE READING

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