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Photons & Phonons: A room-temperature diamond quantum memory

  title={Photons \& Phonons: A room-temperature diamond quantum memory},
  author={Kent Fisher},
This thesis presents demonstrations of the storage and manipulation of single photons in a room-temperature diamond quantum memory using a Raman memory protocol. We report on results from four experiments. In the first we demonstrate single photon storage and, upon retrieval, verify the quantum nature of the light with a Hanbury Brown Twiss measurement of g(0) = 0.65±0.07. A measurement of g(0) < 1 is indicative of quantum light. This is the first demonstration of single photon storage where… 

Testing classical and quantum theory with single photons

To date, quantum theory is the most successful physical theory that has been discovered. However, there is still the possibility that an inconsistency between experimental observations and the



Storage and retrieval of THz-bandwidth single photons using a room-temperature diamond quantum memory.

The storage and retrieval of single photons are reported, via a quantum memory, in the optical phonons of a room-temperature bulk diamond, promising to be a versatile light-matter interface for local quantum processing applications.

Storage and retrieval of single photons transmitted between remote quantum memories

The generation, transmission, storage and retrieval of single quanta using two remote atomic ensembles is reported, an important step towards distributed quantum networks.

Broadband waveguide quantum memory for entangled photons

The authors' broadband quantum memory complements the family of robust, integrated lithium niobate devices and simplifies frequency-matching of light with matter interfaces in advanced applications of quantum communication, bringing fully quantum-enabled networks a step closer.

Towards high-speed optical quantum memories

Quantum memories, capable of controllably storing and releasing a photon, are a crucial component for quantum computers1 and quantum communications2. To date, quantum memories3,4,5,6 have operated

Quantum storage of a photonic polarization qubit in a solid.

The storage capabilities of solid state quantum light matter interfaces to polarization encoding are extended, and the average conditional fidelity of the retrieved qubits exceeds 95% for a mean photon number μ=0.4.

A single-atom quantum memory

The most fundamental implementation of such a quantum memory is demonstrated, by mapping arbitrary polarization states of light into and out of a single atom trapped inside an optical cavity, which makes the system a versatile quantum node with excellent prospects for applications in optical quantum gates and quantum repeaters.

From photons to phonons and back: a THz optical memory in diamond.

A THz-bandwidth memory for light using the optical phonon modes of a room temperature diamond is demonstrated and it is demonstrated that high material dispersion can be used to suppress four-wave mixing noise in Λ-type systems.

Frequency and bandwidth conversion of single photons in a room-temperature diamond quantum memory

This work demonstrates frequency and bandwidth conversion of single photons in a room-temperature diamond quantum memory, and demonstrates the potential for diamond, and Raman memories in general, as an integrated platform for photon storage and spectral conversion.

Quantum storage of photonic entanglement in a crystal

The demonstration of entanglement between a photon at a telecommunication wavelength and a single collective atomic excitation stored in a crystal is reported, paving the way for building multiplexed quantum repeaters for long-distance quantum networks.

Optically addressable nuclear spins in a solid with a six-hour coherence time

The coherence time observed here is long enough that nuclear spins travelling at 9 kilometres per hour in a crystal would have a lower decoherence with distance than light in an optical fibre, enabling some very early approaches to entanglement distribution to be revisited, in particular those in which the spins are transported rather than the light.