Photonic quantum walks with four-dimensional coins

  title={Photonic quantum walks with four-dimensional coins},
  author={Lennart Lorz and Evan Meyer-Scott and Thomas Nitsche and V{\'a}clav Poto{\vc}ek and Aur'el G'abris and Sonja Barkhofen and Igor Jex and Christine Silberhorn},
  journal={Physical Review Research},
The dimensionality of the internal coin space of discrete-time quantum walks has a strong impact on the complexity and richness of the dynamics of quantum walkers. While two-dimensional coin operators have successfully been used for defining dynamics on complex graphs, higher dimensional coins are necessary to unleash the full potential of discrete-time quantum walks. In this work we present an experimental realisation of a discrete-time quantum walk on a line graph, that instead of a two… Expand
Projection Theorem for Discrete-Time Quantum Walks.
We make and generalize the observation that summing of probability amplitudes of a discrete-time quantum walk over partitions of the walking graph consistent with the step operator results in aExpand
Projection Theorem for Discrete-Time Quantum Walks
We make and generalize the observation that summing of probability amplitudes of a discrete-time quantum walk over partitions of the walking graph consistent with the step operator results in aExpand
Cyclic quantum walks: photonic realization and decoherence analysis
Quantum walks serve as novel tools for performing efficient quantum computation and simulation. In a recent experimental demonstration [1] we have realized photonic quantum walks for simulatingExpand
Experimental optimal generation of hybrid entangled states in photonic quantum walks.
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Photonic quantum metrology
This work discusses the current experimental and theoretical challenges, and the open questions towards implementation of photonic quantum sensors with quantum-enhanced performances in the presence of noise, in the research area of multiparameter quantum metrology, where multiple parameters have to be estimated at the same time. Expand
Quantum Applications of Structured Photons
  • Alessio D'Errico, Ebrahim Karimi
  • Electromagnetic Vortices
  • 2021
Quantum walk and its application domains: A systematic review
Implementation of quantum walks on IBM quantum computers
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Quantum photonics with active feedback loops
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Two-dimensional quantum walk under artificial magnetic field
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An optical system is demonstrated that can simulate quantum walks over a two-dimensional system, thereby providing the capability of describing much more complex processes and illustrating the potential of quantum walks as a route for simulating and understanding complex quantum systems. Expand
Quantum walks and wavepacket dynamics on a lattice with twisted photons
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Localization of two-dimensional quantum walks
The Grover walk, which is related to Grover's search algorithm on a quantum computer, is one of the typical discrete time quantum walks. However, a localization of the two-dimensional Grover walkExpand
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In this experiment, a quantum walk on the line with single neutral atoms is implemented by deterministically delocalizing them over the sites of a one-dimensional spin-dependent optical lattice and its spatial coherence is demonstrated. Expand
Quantum walk with a four-dimensional coin
We examine the physical implementation of a discrete time quantum walk with a four-dimensional coin. Our quantum walker is a photon moving repeatedly through a time delay loop, with time being ourExpand
Exploring topological phases with quantum walks
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Experimental quantum-walk revival with a time-dependent coin.
With this technique, an experimental single-photon one-dimensional quantum walk with a linearly ramped time-dependent coin flip operation is realized and two periodic revivals of the walker distribution are demonstrated. Expand
Scattering theory of topological phases in discrete-time quantum walks
One-dimensional discrete-time quantum walks show a rich spectrum of topological phases that have so far been exclusively analysed in momentum space. In this work we introduce an alternative approachExpand
Mimicking the probability distribution of a two-dimensional Grover walk with a single-qubit coin.
A formal proof of this correspondence is presented and the behavior of the coin-position entanglement as well as the x-y spatialEntanglement in the scheme with respect to the Grover one is analyzed. Expand